Tachograph Course


Tachograph Course

On March the 2nd 2016 became operational the second phase of the new regulation regarding the tachograph introduced on March the 2nd 2015 by EC Regulation n° 165/2014, it repealed the previous EC Regulation n° 3821/1985 but without altering driving time, brakes and rest periods for professional drivers.

Article 33 from EC Regulation 165/2014 recalls some passages already present in EC Reg 3821/1985 and strengthens the companies responsibilities confirmed by Reg 561/2006, regarding some specific aspects:

"Haulage companies must ensure adequate training and instructions on the correct use of tachographs, both digital and analog, carry out periodic inspections in order to guarantee that employed drivers make proper use of the equipment; also must avoid any direct or indirect incentives that may encourage a misuse".

Precisely for that matter Team GOLIA supports companies with bureaucratic requirements and legislation compliance, trips optimization and scheduling, organizes multiples training sessions at its headquarters but also at clients premises providing its own expertise achieved over the years and looking into the possibilities of funded training sessions.

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Cordo cronotachigrafo Golia


Provide knowledge, training and support essential for the correct application of regulations regarding driving time, brakes and rest periods, in order to ensure companies a greater operationality, economic return and increase safety standards.


Company owners, partners, associates and employees engaged in the sector of goods and passenger transport.


6/8 hours


  • Introduction
    • Importance and transport structure in Italy
    • Keys to understanding the legislation
    • The liability of all sector components
  • Definitions
    • Working time and availability
    • Seven days week and work week
    • Solar day and work day
    • Night
    • Workplace
  • Driving time
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Bi-weekly
    • Practical cases, simulators and examples
  • Brakes
    • Compulsory driving time interruption
    • Brakes interruption
    • Practical cases, simulations and examples
  • Rest time
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Multi-manning (multi-crew drivers)
    • Practical cases, simulations and examples
  • Outside the scope activities (OUT)
    • Benefits
    • Disadvantages
    • Method of use
  • Mandatory activity manual input
    • With analog tachograph (discs)
    • With digital tachograph (smart-card)
    • Mixed driving
    • Absence of tachograph activity (driver activity certificate)
    • Practical cases, simulations and examples
  • Derogation
    • Derogation concept
    • Article 12 of EC Reg. 561: Application and requirements
    • Authorities measures and requests (private and/or public areas)
    • The concept and application of allowance on tachograph activity
    • Practical cases, simulations and examples
  • Working time for mobile workers
    • Work day length and structure
    • Work hours disruption
    • Night work
    • Practical cases, simulations and examples
  • Hints on transport contract and liability of all sector components
    • Contract and transport sheet
    • Concepts on shared responsibility and solidarity-based
    • Sector components, responsibilities and obligations
  • Roadside checks
    • Drivers and company obligations (data storage on board)
    • Roadside control procedures
    • Checklist and police report
    • Additional penalties
    • How and when to pay infringements
    • Company risk index
  • Company inspections
    • Drivers and company obligations (data storage in the firm)
    • Inspections methods on company premises
  • Legal defense
    • Conditions necessary for review
    • Authorities, timing and methods
  • Driver's activity reading
    • Analog tachograph: paper disk reading.
    • Digital tachograph: receipt reading.
    • Practical cases, simulations and examples
  • Tachograph structure
    • Speed sensor
    • Vehicle unit
    • Driver smart-card
    • Tachograph versions
    • Activity detection
    • Events, anomalies and errors
    • The minute rule and the consequences on driver activity records
    • Future developments
    • Practical cases, simulations and examples
  • Monitoring and scheduling driver activity
    • On-board equipment
    • Instruments and analysis methods for tachograph activity
    • Practical cases, simulations and examples


The course can be held at the premises of the companies concerned.

Teaching methods

The use of computer tools and simulators guarantee the practicability of the course and enables the possibility of experimentation in order to develop the necessary operational capacities for on-board devices, monitoring and reporting. The subjects discussed will be adequately addressed to all employed members.

Training material

Printed paper material with specific texts, tachograph simulation software, final testing.

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