Safe Driving and Eco-Drive Course


Safe Driving and Eco-Drive Course

Eco-Drive Course



Increase skills and knowledge on safe driving and fuel efficiency and also recognition of dangers on the road.


Adults entitled to drive. The course is built not only for heavy weight vehicles (lorries and busses) but also for regular passenger cars, off-road, etc.


8 hours per module


  • Eco-Drive Module
    • The correct use of the eyesight
    • How we apprehend: from the eye to the brain
    • The sight and it's flaws
    • The processing mechanisms of the brain
    • Stress management
    • Vehicles technological innovation compared to the evolution of mankind
    • The importance of practice
    • Evaluation of safety distance
    • The correct use of on-board equipment and their functions
    • Drivers aids devices
    • Safety devices
    • Visual anticipation and defensive driving
    • Modern engines: torque and power output
    • Optimum use of modern engines
    • The proper techniques for maximum fuel savings
    • Pollution levels: how to reduce to the minimum
    • The "euro" legislation and technological progress of modern thrusters
    • Social legislation and following the rules
    • The importance of vehicle maintenance
    • Efficient vehicle management
    • Practical testing
  • Additional Module Safe Driving
    • The correct driving posture
    • The understeer
    • The oversteer
    • The correct braking techniques (abs - esp)
    • Emergency manoeuvres to avoid unexpected obstacles
    • Differential braking
    • Slalom
    • Handling


Eco-Drive: the course can be carried out at clients headquarters.

Safe Driving: the course is organized at racetracks or adequate service areas.

Teaching methods

The training days will be organized and developed by interchanging theoretical explanation (alternating dialogue and interactivity using pictures and videos) and quiz moments in order to verify the comprehension of the discussed arguments.

Regarding the practice, the attendees will carry out the practical testing by rotation (about 50 minutes each), in order to ascertain the learned concepts. The trainer will stand side by side the participant in order to follow him in the best way possible.

Teaching material

Paper handout.


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