Our partners

Updateandinnovation are  our constant objectives that boost us in this dynamic business area. That's why we encourage partnerships with other significant international realities with whom we exchange expertise and improve or create new solutions. The goal is to satisfy the ever-increasing demands of the market. Therefore came to life the so called strategic partnerships  that brought a wide range of products and services in support of our clients.

Altea Security

Efficient Driving

The only Italian company qualified as "eco coach" in Europe. That is to say that is able to support and train on matters like: Eco-Driving, Defensive and Predictive Driving, Safe Driving, Off-road and Constructions sites Driving, Special and Emergency Vehicles Driving, New Drivers Training, Systems and On-board Technologies for Heavy-weight and Industrial Vehicles, Monitor Driving Style for Professional Drivers. Efficient Driving disposes of highly qualified instructors according with the MD 06.03.2013 authorized also for training and adjournment not only for driving instructors but also automotive.

MAN Truck & Bus Italia

The MAN Group is one of the most important European companies operating in goods and passenger transport. In 2014 the turnover registered was around 14,3 billions of euro. Lorry manufacturer, buses, diesel engines, turbines and special transmission systems, MAN has about 55.900 employees all over the globe and represents a leader in the sector.

Trasportounito Service

Trasportounito Service is a consortium born in 2009 which established its headquarters in Genova. Wishes to be an important support for haulage companies, thanks to useful services (, developed for specific necessities offering favorable terms for consumption goods (


Since 2007 Trackysat studies and develops satellite services dedicated to transportation. Over 1.000 companies use on a daily basis Trackysat services in order to maximize workload, keep under control and reduce operating costs, increase profits and be more competitive on the market.


FLOTTAWEB, a platform for logistics and safety, has as purpose to provide high-tech solutions in order to help companies in dealing with transportation safety, either goods, passengers or the vehicles. Throughout the years many services have been added and now FLOTTAWEB is able to offer an unique platform for: logistics, geo-location, fuel consumption, driving style tracking, remote download of digital tachograph data, messages and satellite navigation system, temperature control of refrigerated vehicles. To all these services it is possible to connect satellite-controlled antitheft device with emergency dispatch active 24 hours a day that allows alarm management in real time.


Transics develops and commercializes software, hardware and services for transport industry fleet operators that lead to more efficient and cost-effective processes, to more productive, safer and ecological driving and to improved customers services. Since 1991, our core business is to develop fleet management system (FMS) tailored to the market requirements. Thanks to long-standing experience gained, Transiscs, is one of the sector leaders on European market which operates also internationally. Our partners are seen by the clients as an extension of their crew.


Wtransnet was founded in 1996 as a freight and truck exchange. Since then it has grown to become the best networking platform for the transport and logistics sector, thanks to its ability to anticipate what the market will need. The three intrinsic characteristics that lie behind of Wtransnet are: constant innovation, a spirit of service and professional rigour in offering value to its customers.


It's the blog dedicated to road transport. You can find up-to-date news and a compilation of documents regarding transportation. Furthermore you will find a "question and answer" section where you can reach our consultants for free. is a Team GOLIA idea (Gestionale Organizzazione Imprese Autotrasporto): consultant for hundreds haulage companies all over Italy, trained thousands of sector workers, attends important national and international projects tachographs connected.

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