Mandatory training on tachograph use

Mandatory Training on Tachograph use

ATTEND our courses on tachohraph's correct use , an important educational opportunity addressed to all transportation companies, in particular to their drivers.

PREVENT the infringements and the significant penalties that they entail

IMPORTANT companies that participate will fulfill their mandatory training as required by the legislation (EC Reg. 561/2006, art. 10 c. 2 and EC Reg. 165/2014, art. 33 c. 1).


The EC Reg. 561/2006 art. 10 c.2 and the EC Reg.165/2014 art. 33 c.1 introduce the concept of "organization" as obligation for all haulage companies. It is stated the mandatory training for drivers and their follow-up constantly in order to guarantee the fulfillment of the legislation regarding driving time, brakes, rest periods and the use of the tachograph. From this derives the limitation period provided from art. 174 c.14 of the Highway code and that imposes the penalty from € 327,00 to € 1.306,00 exclusively on the company and added to the sanctions already standing on the driver (for which the company is jointly liable)>

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