The control unit that downloads tachograph data in real time.


GoliaBox is a hardware for heavy wight vehicles, compatible with any tachograph make and model and by default downloads information regarding driving time, brakes and rest periods in order to store them as requested by law.
By doing so, collection and storage of Legal Data is taken care of.
Furthermore, road Transport Companies have available extremely valuable information regarding the effective Real Time, that is to say the current status at any time for each and every driver with the possibility of continuously monitor the hour limits. The purpose is to have REAL and the effective data from the tachograph on board of the vehicle with the aim of advising divers on when to stop or drive but also to manage work schedule.

The Architecture realized with GoliaBox

  1. GoliaBox installed on board the vehicle will automatically download ”Legal Data” within their due date (28 days for the driver card and 90 days for the tachograph). At the same time it can also be downloaded the data in Real Time, that is to say, information minute by minute on which is the current status of the vehicle and of the on-board drivers.

  2. The data that GoliaBox gathers from the tachograph are sent through GPRS at a collection centre Golia.

  3. The data travels over the Internet through dedicated and secure connections.

  4. Once obtained, the data are to be stored on a platform according to law, kept for a year and duplicated on other support centers in order to guarantee the recovery in case of service interruption.

  5. The information received is instantaneously analyzed thanks to advanced algorithms Golia patented, and are made available for analysis and monitoring.

  6. Enforcement authorities (prior request to the transport company), can access the Legal Data for potential inspections to be carried out. On the other hand the user can monitor the Real Time data to prevent infringements and manage the schedule of contracted drivers.

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