Golia Professional

The answers to all Your questions on tachographs

Golia Professional

Besides providing to road haulage companies software (Golia) and hardware (GoliaBox), it is also possible to entrust Team Golia all activities connected to counseling and customer support. Golia Professional  is a consulting service handled directly by our Team that goes from telephone assistance , producing all information for professional drivers and enforcement authorities, sanctions report management, technological support, funded training for drivers to on-going fleet monitoring, allowing this way companies to focus on their core-business in order to increase profits and reduce infringements admonishments.

Two service levels

Golia Professional Silver Silver

Outsourcing service includes expiration dates log book reminders (notification for drivers tachograph smart card download, driver and company smart card expiration date, vehicle and tachograph maintenance overhauls, etc.), driver reporting , regular fleet statistics, assistance and support (by phone and e-mail), personnel development training, legislation update .


Golia Professional Gold Gold

Includes all Silver services and more: legal advice for inspection reports, monitor professional driving activities, anomalies detection and improper paperwork, alert for severe infringements, reports with the work hours for payroll consultants, subsidized training funds, customized service to make easier personnel management and all procedures on the company.


Golia Professional is the perfect instrument for companies who wish no worries. Finally one can take care of the core-business and raising profits. Team Golia will secure your company and deal with all the paperwork.

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