Discover Golia

Discover Golia

Golia is a set of technologies and services dedicated to trucking companies for:

monitor the tachograph activity
• organize the working hours of professional drivers in compliance with the regulations
• optimize transport with innovative geolocation and planning systems
• provide training and provide legal assistance
Golia is the only solution on the market that can be used directly by those who created it, to facilitate and simplify the activities of companies in the organization of road transport. Thanks to Golia, companies can thus concentrate on their core business, because it is the professionals of the Golia Team who carry out a series of tasks:
  • Monitoring the entire fleets deadlines and activities;
  • Forwarding alerts to the relevant departments (tachograph malfunctions, infringements, work improvements and suggestions, etc.)
  • Providing information and training on national and European regulations and the compliance;
  • Ease and simplify the communication with enforcement authorities;
  • Focused team training as a result of tracking and monitoring the most frequent mistakes;
  • Represent the company in front of the law (legal support and technical appraisal)
Thanks to Golia the inspections from the enforcement authorities are not a problem any more, our Support Service arranges for all paperwork to be done. Not only ... in order to avoid infringements our team sees to maintain the company in legal standards through a whole series of check-ups of professional drivers activities, their training up to date, creation of an electronic archive for all necessary documents canceling complex and expensive procedures allowing the company to employ the personnel in a fruitful way.



Tachograph data analysis

Golia is the first Italian on-line platform dedicated to tachograph analysis and management both digital and analog

Geolocation and Trip planning

Golia is the irreplaceable support for road transport organisation. The software that will rationalize time and money for each trip

Legal assistance

Golia is the only support created to help You deal in an appropriate manner inspections from enforcement authorities

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