Cargo Security and Securing Courses

Cargo Security and Securing Courses



Provide the knowledge and skills necessary to guarantee the correct fixing and safety of the load, in order to allow the driver and the company to avoid penalties and make sure that there are no risks for road traffic (Italian Ministerial Decree 19 May 2017).


Owners, partners, collaborators and employees of the truck transport sector.


5 hours.


  • Entry test
  • Knowledge of the basic principles on the correct fixing of the load.
  • The risks caused by different types of loads not fixed or inadequately arranged and blocked.
  • The inertial forces acting on the moving vehicle.
  • The forces needed to fix the load.
  • The geometric distribution of the load and its locking.
  • The load chart
  • Types of load anchoring: by friction and by direct anchoring.
  • Load anchoring devices: characteristics and reading of the labels.
  • Calculation of the number of anchoring devices.
  • Tests and practical exercises to identify the type and quantity of anchoring devices and how to use them on various types of loads.
  • Questions answers


The course can be organized at individual company locations.

Didactic metodology

The use of IT tools, the conduct of tests and exercises guarantee the practicality of the course, thus allowing the experimentation and refinement of the necessary operational skills. The topics covered will be sufficiently detailed to make the course suitable for any company figure.

Teaching materials

Paper handouts, verification test.

Certificate of attendance 

Paper handouts, verification test. Following the training, the training certificate will be issued for both the company and each individual student.

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