Pubblicazione: 08/02/2019

A funny game to find out your knowledge about Tachograph and Eco Drive. Challenge yourself at Transpotec at the Golia booth, at the pavilion 9, booth C4.1.
During the four-day Fair (21st - 24th of February) Golia and Efficient Driving will organize a quiz game about some important themes of the road transport: the correct use of the Tachograph, driving time and rest periods laws, eco-drive, driving style and safe driving.
The quiz format provides some questions and answers similar to television quiz, projected on the big-screen. Before starting, each participant will have a remote though which he will be able to answer the questions. 
At the end of each quiz game, the top three will be rewarded with some gadgets:
1° prize: the Logbook from "Uomini e Trasporti"
prize: a thermos
prize: a parking disk
The quiz games will take about 15 minutes, twice a day: in the morning, at around 11:00 and in the afternoon at around 16:00
Give yourself a break at Transpotec and enjoy our quiz game! 
Pavilion 9, booth C4.1.
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