Pubblicazione: 15/02/2019

What is the main news of Golia 4.0? While you are waiting for finding them out at Transpotec, let's going on previewing some new functions of Golia, studied to help companies even more to respect laws about driving time and rest periods, improve and optimise road transport.
After the Geofleet  and the new activity chart, we present the Golia Assistant. 
Golia Assistant: the virtual assistant for a complete control 
Golia Assistant has the same philosophy which have always distinguished Golia: to be a tool at the company's service to support them to manage activity. It is a virtual assistant to control the company, the drivers, the vehicles, which points out the priorities which have to be managed with real time alerts.
No card driving times, no Notification Letters download and expiring documents, infringements committed, weekly rests alerts, tachograph and vehicle inspections expiry dates: they are only some of the information Golia Assistant will provide you for a easier transport managing. 
Golia 4.0: preview at Transpotec and online from Monday the 25th 
To find out the Golia 4.0 preview, come to Transpotec Fair at Verona form the 21st to the 24th of February, we will be at the Pavilion 9, booth C4.1. click here to request free tickets.
Golia 4 will be online on Monday the 25th of February 2019.
For further information:
Golia Team 
Tel: +39 045 2477462

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