Golia Academy

Travel formed and informed...with Golia Accademy opportunities of Funded Training

Golia Academy

Since 2011 Golia Accademy promotes specific training activities for road hauliers, with the view to achieving greater knowledge, skills and abilities of operators in the sector.

wide range of services  which spot and look into road transport companies vulnerable areas.


These are the training courses we offer:

  • The Tachograph and Professional Divers Labor Management;
  • Road-safety, Safe Driving and Eco-Drive;
  • Dolly operator course ;
  • Education and Training courses for Cranes and Lorries operators;
  • ADR training certificate;
  • International Transport legislation;
  • The contract of carriage;
  • Legislation update for Waste Transport;
  • Loads Safety;
  • Safety at Work and First Aid;
  • First Issue and Renewal CQC (freight and passenger transport);
  • License Point Recovery;
  • Team Building and Leadership;
  • Computer Class: Office suite;
  • Language Courses: English, French, German and Spanish.

From 2011 to 2015 Golia Accademy boasts more than 6.000 participants trained on the topics "The Tachograph" "Safe Drive and Eco-Drive".

Golia Accademy stands for quality and innovation in professional training, offering "quality full service".

Our team will take care of:

  1.  Examine training needs;
  2. Develop the ideal training schedule;
  3. Provide expert advice and technical intervention on the ground ; 
  4. Evaluate funded training activities : Golia Accademy is in contact with the main inter-professional funds (Fondimpresa, For.Te, FART, Fonditalia, etc), bilateral institutions (EBAV, EBILOG, etc.) monitors the regional calls for tender and Ministry of Transport with the objective of funding our training services.

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