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Today, Golia is used by over 400 transportation companies all around Italy to monitor over 27.000 vehicles.
If you wonder if Golia is useful to you, the answer is a solid YES! The solution provided by InfoGestWeb becomes an unique and irreplaceable support to plan and manage your fleet's trips, minimizing the risks of infringements, improving working hours and reducing consumption costs.
Golia will be the perfect ally thought to accompany you through all challenges haulage companies must deal with.

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You will receive for FREE and under no obligation, access at a DEMO area of Golia for 1 MONTH and a complete CHECK-UP on your fleet's current situation.

With Golia Check-Up, you will have the possibility to receive a detailed and complete analysis on tachographs and driving behavior in order to monitor over time the companies's performances, apply the necessary consolidation package to increase the effectiveness of your fleet and become more profitable.

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