Tools and Instruments for Management and road transport organisation

The Italian State has implemented the EC Regulation No. 561/2006 which requires to adopt digital tachographs in order to respect driving times, breaks and mandatory rest periods for professional drivers.

Companies working in the field , facing the significant increase of inspections from the authorities, often find themselves unprepared and exposed to the risk of incurring in very high fines also because nowadays complying with the new rules brings considerable effort, both economic and logistic.

Your company thinks about transport, we do the rest!
GOLIA is the solution to prevent infractions and organize transport efficiently through innovative tachograph monitoring systems, geolocation and planning. A set of activities that you can entrust to the professionals of Team Golia.

Everything under control. Immediately!
GOLIA interfaces with any other platform to automate all operations , allowing you to use and consolidate what you already use: download data from tachographs, monitoring, geolocation and driver activity planning in real time, final balance transfer to management and payroll, control management and consumption.


Resource optimization
Professionallization of all category members
Strategic activities improvement
Sector innovation through new technologies
Increased safety on the road
Golia Fleet

The only software that supports You in Preventing Infringements, Tachographs Management and Plan Fleet Activities.

Golia Analogic

The unique service on the market that enables you to handle and analyze automatically the activity even for tachograph discs

Golia Box

The control uniteasy to place on board of all types of vehicles downloads automatically information on driving time.

Golia Road

The App for mobile devices that allows to be constantly up to date on remaining driving time as to avoid infringements.

Golia Professional

The only 360 degrees service that covers training, assistance and support, legal counsel to fleet monitoring by Golia Team.

Golia Performance

The service that monitors the training's results guaranteeing its maintenance over time (e.g. on driving style and fuel saving)

Golia Accademy

All the knowledge and expertise of the best lecturers to nurture the human resources department on: tachograph, eco-drive ...

Golia Legal Service

It includes legal counsel, file for appeal at the peace officer, technical consultancy services for loss or damage recovery.

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